Sunday, November 21, 2004

Robot Sex

Lots of blogs I've looked at have sex in them. But I didn't see any sexual content that would appeal to robots. This seems unfair to me. So, I thought I would write some robot sex stuff so that they won't feel left out...

...He ratcheted his left opposable titanium pincer located on the ventral aspect of his thermal shield over the pulsing red L.E.D. in the center of her display console. He did this in order to distract her. Surrepticiously, he extruded his coaxial extraction arm and initiated a series of rapid depressions of her MODE CONFIGURATION button at intervals of 12 msec for a total duration of 1.62 sec. Immediately, on completion of this maneuver, her 512 kB data buffer dedicated to processing tactile stimuli flooded with 1s, following a proprietary set of logic rules, at which point, when the cells had completely filled, the buffer was dumped and reset to all 0s. A 30 dB tone emerged from her anterior electromagnetic voice simulator, indicating satisfactory CPU activation, engagement and buffer dump. Yes, it was good for me too, was displayed on his dorsal alphanumeric communication window...

I hope this wasn't too graphic for the little ones.


Blogger lorraine said...

You are too funny.

1:13 PM  
Blogger pureplum said...

whoa, you are a freaky one alright.

10:41 PM  

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